Traveller Resume - Sean O'Malley

Name Career UPP Hit Points Terms
Sean O'Malley Imperial Free Trader 9BDBA7 99 6
Age TL Rank Pension Money
43 13 O2 3rd Officer Cr6,000 Cr54,900
Medals Skills
Bonus x1 x4 Steward-3, Streetwise-3, Sensor Ops-2, Legal-2, Gambling-2, Brawling-2, Trader-2, Liaison-2, Pistol-2, Vacc Suit-1, Cutlass-1, Pilot-1, Engineering-1,  Zero G Weapons-0, Small Water Craft-0, Computer-0
Statistic Value Bonus
STR 9 1
DEX 11 2
END 13 2
INT 11 2
EDU 10 2
SOC 7 1
Notes: Low-1, Cutlass, Auto Pistol

Homeworld codes: Port: C, Size: Small, Atmosphere: Standard, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Mod, Law: Mod, Tech Level: Average Stellar. Untrained (latent) PSI=0

Term: 1 Imperial Free Trader Imperial Free Trader
  1. Merchant Academy - failed No Business No Position [Sean spent a year working as "bouncer" at a dive near the Starport looking for a berth on a ship]
  2. Route No Position  [Sean got a berth as a cargo handler on a  jump 1 route, but wasn't picked up at the end of his term.]
  3. Explor Trade No Position  [Sean moved on to a Far Trader exploring beyond the Imperium. Sean enjoyed the job, but still wanting to "make it" on Mainline route ship, Sean left this ship at the end of the year.]
  4. Route No Position [Sean got a job as Steward with a ship that had just set up a route between an Imperial world and one outside the Imperium. If Sean hadn't insulted the wrong noble he would have been rehired, but he did, so he found himself unemployed again.]
Term: 2 Imperial Free Trader
  1. Smuggling Bonus x1 No Position  [Sean, seeing an opportunity, bought some contraband and went into the smuggling  business making a great deal of money, but bringing himself to the attention of the law.]
  2. Charter No Position  [One step ahead of the law, Sean signed aboard a ship with a "Charter" job ferrying a party of academics to a series of worlds taking him far away from where he had been "working" before.]
  3. No Business No Position  [Sean left the ship and hide out on a world. He was soon making a good living on the streets working as a "collections agent" for a loan shark.]
  4. No Business Position  [Sean made a number of criminal contacts as he continued to work the other side of the fence, but continued to long for the "bright buttons" and "clean, creased, uniforms" of the Imperial Lines.]
Term: 3 Imperial Free Trader
  1. Route No Position  [Sean, wrangled a position as a Steward aboard the /Costadez/, a Subsidized Merchant serving a route along the Spinward main, although he thought he was doing well, the Captain didn't pick up his ticket.]
  2. Route No Position  [Sean took another slot as Steward aboard a different subbie, but he was very unhappy here and started looking for a way out almost as soon as he arrived. He found it when he was approached by a former associate with an offer....]
  3. Piracy Wnd (leg) Bonus x1 Position  [Sean, the inside man aboard the ship, made it easy for his ship to be taken by his new friends, and when they left with the cargo he left with a pirate. Later that year, Sean was wounded when his ship "bit off a bit more than it could chew." He was left in a hospital with enough money to pay for his treatment and to get him started again once he recovered.]
  4. Explor Trade No Position  [Sean returned to the pirate ship which now turned from piracy to Exploratory Trade...that is ripping off the locals of non-Imperial worlds when they could and trading when they couldn't.  By this time Sean was an "old hand" aboard ship, able to work bridge, engineering and galley, handle trade with the locals when they traded or a gun when they didn't.]
Term: 4 Imperial Free Trader
  1. No Business Position  [Sean left his ship, but continued working for her, on shore. He was, ostensibly a broker, but was really the front man fencing goods stolen by his pirate friends. Sean became very friendly with a local crime boss, the head of the piracy ring in this sub-sector.]
  2. Charter No Position   [Sean arranged for the crime boss to charter a ship taking him to a meeting of Sector Dons and accompanied him there as his "private secretary"...really bodyguard.]
  3. Route Position Commission O0  [Sean is rewarded by the Don with a commission on a ship running a route dedicated primarily to moving the Don's goods from one world to another.]
  4. Explor Trade No Position  [Again fearing the law was closing in, Sean left his position and got a berth aboard another ship heading out into the unknown, but this time as an officer.]
Term: 5 Imperial Free Trader
  1. Route No Position  [Sean returned to the Imperium and gots a berth aboard another ship working a route. He *still* dreamed of the "straight life" of the Imperial Lines.]
  2. Route Position Failed exam for O1 [Sean has a second year aboard this ship, but quits when he fails the exam for O1.]
  3. Explor Trade Position O1  [Sean, heads back out to non-Imperial space, and this time passes the exam for O1.]
  4. Spec Trade Position O2   [Sean's ship begins to do speculative trade with worlds it has explored and Sean is promoted to O2 because of his good work as Cargo Master aboard the small ship.]
Term: 6 Imperial Free Trader
  1. Route No Position [Still trying to "make it" in the mainline Imperial Lines, Sean leaves his good position and takes a job with a subbie as Cargo Master, but is not re-signed. It seems, Sean's "rough edges" don't set well with the more refined Imperials, and Sean finally comes to the conclusion that he is never going to fit in *their* world. He is going to have to go his own way.]
  2. Spec Trade Bonus x1 No Position [Sean returns to the spec trade business, and although he fails to stick with his ship (a fistfight with the Captain will do that), picks up a bonus from his good trading.]
  3. Charter No Position [Sean moves on to a Charter position, this time as Steward. Sean, not really liking the job of Steward moves on at the end of his term.]
  4. Piracy Wnd (chest) Bonus x1 No Position  [Sean returns to piracy, but this time on a ship with a Letter of Marquis. Sean is seriously wounded during a fire fight at a starport when his ship is caught on the ground by "the other side."  Sean spends two months in the hospital due to his wounds, however his shipmates voted him a bonus from their profits covering the costs of his treatment before moving on.]

Now Sean is looking for another gig. He can perform almost any job aboard a ship you want, has a good eye for trade goods, is handy with a pistol and sword, and doesn't mind dealing with unsavory fact, most of his friends are unsavory characters.