The Mark System


Mark City, Capital of Mark

Mark City has grown to include several earlier cities in the area. The main port area is Aluucia, located along the river and bay. Startown, surrounding the Starport is south of Aluucia and separated from it by a broad greenbelt.

Hotel Tap, Tororo Street, Aluucia

Royal Mercantile Bank

The Royal Mercantile Bank in Mark City is owned by the royal family of Mark It is the leading commercial bank in the Mark system and also the offical bank of the Mark government. The Royal Mercantile has no branches outside the Mark system, but has agreements with leading banks in many systems in the surrounding area.

Argent Mercantile Bank Branch

Branch bank of a CSA mercantile bank located in the downtown Aluucia district of Mark City. Martan, Ricardo and Shawn have accouts with the Argent Merc. Shawn also set up an account in the name A. M. Cousins to hold the group's funds.

Mark Contacts

Universal Personality Profile
( Str Con Dex Agl Int Edu Cha Soc )

Dame Marta deLong, Baroness of Ryobi, aka Mazie Campbell ( 35B6DDCD )
Director of Group 7, "The Black Marble", of the Royal Ministry of State, Mark. Group 7 concentrates in Intelligence Gathering activities in all areas of interest to the Mark State. It is the "general purpose" group able and willing to stick its nose into anything. Group 7 has access to assets capable of taking "active measures", and the Director has carte blanch to use them.

Mazie Campbell was a close friend of Akus Moby, and they worked together often. She gave him jobs and used his ship to accomplish them. She has a serious interest in Akus' death and in the process of "cleaning it up." She is also interested in the heirs of Akus' ship, the Mae Lee, and has been appointed by the Court to be trustee to the estate of Akus Moby.

Commander Turart Allegro ( 79A8CD9B )
Sub-Director of Group 3 of the Royal Ministry of State, currently on assignment with Group 7 under the direction of Director Lady Ryobi.

Commander Allegro is a snobbish staff officer who has worked very little in the field. He is an expert on the Zeristu Empire and speaks fluent Zeristu.

The Pickaxe Gang
The Pickaxe gang has connections to a number of criminal activities in the Startown district of Mark City. In addition to illegal gambling, loan sharking and extortion, the gang has dealings with a number of other shady organizations. Rumors connect Pickaxe with both the Mark Brotherhood of Labor and The Space Guild.

Pele 'Pickaxe' Hiiki ( 8A7987B3 )
Pele Hiiki is the leader of the gang. Officially, he runs a loan and mortgage company, "Hiiki Mortgages", but most people in the Startown district know that is just a front for illegal gambling and loan sharking.

Pele gets the name "pickaxe" from his thin nose and sharp features. Certainly, *not* from the people of his acquantance that have shown up dead from a blow by a pointed weapon.

"Red" Drigaiz ( 68AC75A2 )
"Red" is Pele's chief assistant. A vargr from Sequi, "Red", is known for a quick and violent temper. He has become Hiiki's enforcer.

Drigaiz was born and raised on the crowed and violent streets of Growl, the Starport on Sequi, and ran with first one gang and then another from his early days. His temper made him very unwelcome on Sequi after he killed another male during one of the ritural fights at a local cafe. Red migrated to Mark and soon hooked up with the Pickaxe Gang.

Pasco Carl ( 9A8876A5 )
Pasco is the owner of The Plugged Nickle, the Spacetown bar on Mark where the Free Traders and other independent spacers hang out. Pasco was a partner and the Chief Steward on The Mae Lee when she was run by Akus Moby, but when Akus was killed, he sold his interest and bought the bar.

Go to The Plugged Nickle if you are looking for the odd rumor and strange story. It's a good place to enjoy a beersi without being bothered by Guilders.

'Mama' Kent ( 46888785 )
'Mama' is the owner of a boarding house that bears her name in the Startown district of Mark City. Mama is s small middle-aged woman, plumb, with a red and friendly face. She is an excellent cook and a source of information about the comings and goings in Startown if you "get on her good side."

Mama Kent's Boarding House is a friendly establishment where spacers can have a clean room, good meals, and a restful, safe, environment while grounded on Mark.

Captain Bernie Lira ( 9B8CA965 )
Bernie Lira is a typical Free Trader Captain. He is affable and friendly, knowledgable about trade and commerce, but a little leery of those with a planet-based background.

Lira is an independent, not a member of the Space Guild, and is slowly being pushed out of the core CSA markets toward the frontier. He is aware of this and, although it angers him, accepts it with an attitude of "if the Guild leaves me alone, I'll leave it alone."

Rosco Ollis ( 49A79AA5 )
Rosco Ollis is a small, round man with an outwardly gregarious and friendly attitude. He is also a skilled and shrewd merchant with high skills in trade and brokerage. Rosco will take advantage of the unwary trader, so beware.

Rosco owns Ollis Import/Export, not the largest or most reputable brokerage house on Mark, but one that is willing to split and group frieght and cargo for small shippers and Free Traders. Ollis specializes in exotic cargoes.

Ollis' major competition for the business of the Free Trader market is Bonner and Marrian Brokerage. B&M is a reputable, solid, stable, conservative company. They are where you go for the less exotic, more volumn oriented freights and cargos.

Sally Magee
The secretary of Rosco Ollis. Sally is a middle aged woman that shows very little public respect for her employer, but is fiercely loyal to him.

Brand & Gigo
The law firm of Brand & Gigo represents Cousins and Company, the heirs of Akus Moby and their partners. Brand & Gigo has only recently opened their office.

Dara Brand
Dara Brand is an extremely attractive blond woman. She is also an excellent criminal attorney and litigator.

Jan Gigo
Jan Gigo is a young dark haired woman who until recently was an associate of Hammer and Associates, a large Mark law firm. Jan specializes in corporate and civil law.

Danny Holden ( 95656A85 )
One of Woof's contacts, Danny is a lowlife gambler that hustles Startown bars and gambling halls on Mark. Danny was from a good family, went to college, but he is addicted to gambling. He can be counted on for occasional tips on cargos and the goings on in the underworld..."for a suitable ante."

Lessa Cramer ( 46769B98 )
Interviewed Ricardo and has dated Woof. Lessa is an investagative video reporter for the Mark News Network. Lessa has won the Jascon Award for investigation and been nominated for the prestgious Queen Ha Award.

Lessa is from Oktre, a city south of Mark City on the coast of the Alloal Sea. She grew up in this small resort city in a middle class family. Lessa went to Queen Ha College on a scholarship where she studied journalism.