Schedule for the Mark Imperial Certification and Licensing Office


                Oneday  Twoday   Threeday   Fourday   Fiveday
Written Tests   8 - 12  13 - 17   8 - 12    13 - 17    none
Flight Tests   13 - 17   8 - 12  13 - 17     8 - 12   8 - 17

Certificates and Licences assure potential employers, employees and business associates that the holder is minimally qualified within the licensed area. Actually functioning in a job usually requires many more skills than a license.

Attempts at Certification and Licensure may be made by anyone. Candidates possessing the skills listed for the various Certifications make any attempts Routine tasks. If candidates do not possess all the listed skills licensing attempts become Difficult. Candidates that complete some, but not all, of the tests receive Provisional Licenses allowing them to be hired and work as assistants under fully licensed crew.

Communication Officer requires...

   Comm Ops Certificate
      Comm Ops-1
      100 mark registration fee

Sensor Officer requires...

   Sensor Ops Certificate
      Sensor Ops-1
      100 mark registration fee

Astrogation Officer requires...

   Astrogator Certificate
      100 mark registration fee

Pilot (starship) requires...

   Pilot (starship) License
      Pilot (starship)-1
      Flight Test
      100 mark registration fee

Pilot (ship's boat) requires...

   Ship's Boat License
      Ship's Boat-1
      Flight Test
      50 mark registration fee

Medical Mate requires...

  Certified Medical Technician
      Test or proof of course completion in:
         First Aid-1
         Med Tech Electronics-1

Ship's Doctor requires...

   Board qualified medical doctor

Assistant Steward/Purser requires a...

  Steward's License
     Certified Medical Technician
     Tests covering:
        Lifesupport Ops-1
        Ship Administration (Admin-1)
        Passenger Services Regs (Steward-1)
     300 mark registration fee

Chief Steward/Purser requires a...

  CargoMaster's Certificate
     Steward's License
     Tests covering:
        Cargo Loading & Freight Handling  (Cargohandling-1)
        Hazmat Handling
        Commercial Law & Regulations  (Law-1)
     600 mark registration fee

Engineer's Mate requires...

  Assistant Engineer's License
     Tests covering 4 of:
        Jump Drive-1
        Stutter Drive-1
        Contragrav Drive-1
        HEPlaR Drive-1
        Ship Power Systems-1
     400 mark registration fee

Chief Engineer requires...

  Chief Engineer's License
     Assistant Engineer's License
     4 years shipboard experience in Engineering
     Tests covering:
        (min of 1 in all six areas with min of 2 in 4)
     800 mark registration fee

First Mate requires...

  Mate's Certificate
     Comm Ops Certificate
     Sensor Ops Certificate
     Astrogation Certificate
     Pilot (Spaceship) Certificate
     Tests covering:
        Shiphanding (min of Pilot-2)
        Starship Operation (min of 2 in one other ship skill)
        Traffic Control Rules & Regulation (Admin-1, Law-1)
     500 mark registration fee

Ship Captain requires...

  Ship Master's Certificate
     Mate's Certificate
     5 years documented shipboard experience
     Tests covering:
        Space Law & Regulations (Law-2)
        Shiphandling Regulations & Procedures (Admin-2)
        Cargo Loading & Freight Handling  (Cargohandling-1)
     1,000 mark registration fee