The Akus Moby

A 200 dton Free Trader of the Beowulf II Class
(armed with 2 double turrets)

Lower Deck

  1. Avionics and Sensors. Access port in aft wall provides access to the avionics and sensors from the Bridge (2).
  2. Bridge.  There are four consoles on the bridge allowing control of avionics, navigation, internal security, sensors, communications and the computer. The bridge has exits into the Missile/Sandcaster Magazine (3), Computer Room (4), and the Crew's Commons Area (5).
  3. Missile/Sandcaster Magazine.  A stock of up to 20 missiles and 20 sandcaster canisters may be stored here. This class of ship lacks an automatic loader so ordanance must be manually transported from the magazine to the Forward Turret (5b).
  4. Computer Room. A Model 1 Computer is located here. A console is in the room, but the computer can be accessed from various consoles around the ship.
  5. Crew's Commons. This is large area where the crew can relax and eat. The Galley (6) is on the starboard side of the commons. The Lift (5a) provides access to the upper deck. The Forward Turret (5b) is accessed from an overhead hatch. The crew's quarters are located surrounding the commons and down the corridor toward aft. There is an inset air/lock with an extendable gangway to the surface located on the port side of this area.
    Crew's Quarters.
    C1.  Cabin 1.
    C2.  Cabin 2.
    C3.  Cabin 3
    C4.  Cabin 4
    C5.  Cabin 5
    C6.  Cabin 6
  6. Galley. The galley is used to prepare meals for crew and passengers. Food storage is also located here.
  7. Sickbay/Low Berths.  There are 20 Low Berths located here as well as a medical scanner, examination table and medical supplies.
  8. Cargo Hold.  The hold has 73 dtons of cargo space. The hold is climate and gravity controlled. On the port side a 6 meter wide by 4.5 meter deep cargo air/lock provides controlled access on worlds with exotic and low atmosphere conditions. On the starboard side a 6 meter long cargo door turns into a ramp when opened, allowing for roll on / roll off loading operations. Access to the Aft Turret(8b) is through an overhead hatch. Hatches aft and port aft allow access to Engineering(10) and the Vehicle Park(9), respectively.
  9. Vehicle Park. A roll down ramp provides a separate entrance and exit for vehicles parked here. A wheeled ATV is parked here. A hatch from this area leads into the Cargo Hold (8).
  10. Engineering.  Maneuver, Jump and Power plants are located here. There is a fuel refinery for wilderness refueling. An air/lock on the port side gives the ability to exit to the port or aft side of the ship. On the starboard side the Ship's Locker/Workshop (11) can be found.
  11. Ship's Locker/Workshop.  Minor mechanical, electronics and gravatic repairs can be made here. Ship's supplies and stores are kept in this room.

Upper Deck

  1. Passenger Commons and Staterooms. There is a separate air/lock for passenger use, and a lift (a) the crew uses to bring meals up from the galley. A small kitchenette is forward starboard allowing for passengers to get snacks and make light meals for themselves. The staterooms are on either side of the corridor running aft. At the end of the corridor there is a locked floor and ceiling hatch (b) used by the crew to access the Aft Turret.
    P1.  Stateroom one.
    P2.  Stateroom rwo.
    P3   Stateroom three.
    P4.  Stateroom four.
    P5.  Stateroom five.
    P6.  Stateroom six.