The Akus Game....reset!

The Ship -- The Akus Moby

A 200 dton Free Trader of the Beowulf II Class
(armed with 2 double turrets)

The Background -- (Spinward Marches in 1111)

Peace in our time!...or is it?  The treaty ending the Fifth Frontier War has just been signed and the Imperial citizens of the  Spinward Marches are ready to get back to the business of exploration and trade.  Large numbers of conscripts are being demobilized in various systems and industrial plants, recently busy producing war goods, are retooling to produce more civilian items. In the midst of this rush back to normalcy, there are reports of Vargr corsairs, who had been fighting alongside the Zhodani, still very much on the prowl along the starlanes, as well as rumors that Aslan ships have been sighted as far coreward as the Five Sisters subsector.

Although, the entire Spinward Marches qualifies as a frontier...compared to the long settled and civilized core of the Imperium...some parts are more frontier than others. Spinward of Glisten/Glisten along the Wonstar Arm of the Spinward Main is the non-Imperial District 268 subsector. District 268 is very much a frontier region with the Aslan rimward (south),  the Zhondani, Darrians and Swordworlders coreward (north), and past the Five Sisters subsector to spinward (west) the virtually unexplored Foreven Sector.

The Mission --  (010/1111 to 240/1111)

The crew has been hired by the Wonstar Trading Company to transport the The Akus Moby  from Glisten/Glisten down the Wonstar arm of the Spinward Main to Wonstar/Five Sisters. Traveling with them will be Lord Percy Dubose, eldest son and heir to the Baron of Wonstar...principle stockholder of the Wonstar Trading Company. Lord Percy does not want to return to his home planet, as that will mean the end of his fun and that he will have to go to work for the company.

Although the Captain of  The Akus Moby has been given a generious amount of cash to cover expenses, the crew is expected to take on passengers and freight for transport during the 15 parsec trip. Hopefully, they will earn enough  money for the Wonstar Trading Company to pay expenses and earn the company a profit.  The ship is to be delivered to the company no later than 240/1111.

The Maps  -- Jump 6 star charts for the Wonstar Arm

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