[OTB] Back to Town

Eris Reddoch erisred at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 4 18:48:16 EDT 2006

>> The group moves back the way they came. They run into no
>>  goblins, or other monsters, along the way and are soon
>> back outside the mine and walking down the path back
>> toward town. The sun is well past its zenith and shadows
>> are starting to get long as you approach the walled town.
>> You can see guards at the gate and three or four more
>> atop the wooden palisade around the town.
>> OOC: Are you carrying the swords, hatchets and daggers
>> from the killed goblins along with you? They might not be
>> worth much, but they would surely help convince the
>> townspeople that you did more than take a stroll in the
>> woods for the day.  :)
> OOC: Yes, says Terry.
> Dorvin waved at them.

The guards and several townspeople greet you at the gate. The 
smile and nod and shake your hands when they see the booty you 
have claimed from the mine. You hear things from them like 
"Good work!", "Glad you made it back.", "Did you get them 
all?" from the crowd.

Bosley shakes his head, "No, we only fought our way in through 
a few of the rooms in the mine clearing them before we decided 
we should retreat for the day. It looks as if the goblins and 
their allies have set up a base in that mine almost as strong 
as your town."

"And no, we didn't run into any of those large creatures 
today." Bosley replies to a question, "They are probably 
deeper inside. We will go back tomorrow!"

> Dyee heads for the inn. A meal, a drink, a bath and a bed
> are definitely in order.

A night of rest for you all...although Gar spends a good bit 
of his time drinking, carousing and such...mends your wounds 
and recharges your spirits. As the sun turns the morning sky 
pink in the pre-dawn you awake and prepare for another day in 
the Silverton Mine.

OOC: Didn't one of you mention that you had someone that 
wanted to join a game?  I occurs to me that you might could 
use both a rogue/thief type and another swordsman to stand 
beside Gar. I'm not looking for this game to get too big, and 
I want it to continue to focus on being a dungeon crawling, 
hack and slashing, old-school game, but if you want to bring 
in one or two more people of the same ilk, I wouldn't object.


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