[OTB] At the Gates

Eris Reddoch erisred at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 10 14:24:48 EDT 2006

Bob Kondrk wrote:

>> "Why, Dyee is..." the first starts, but is cut off by the
>> second. "Might we ask what business you might have with
>> this young woman you seek?"
> Her eyes seemed to fill with an odd mixture of sadness and
> hope.  "She's my *best* friend.  Everyone back in Tallmark
> was *very* worried about her when she ran away, so they
> asked me to come look for her."  She paused for a moment
> and then added, "My name is Jhosne Holordael."

"Best friend?" the first guard says, "Ran away?"

The second says, "Mistress Holordael, your friend can be found 
at the inn beyond the gates. I will escort you to her."

"Hal!" the second guard calls out and a young man trots over.

"Yes Sir?" he asks.

"Keep guard with Billy while I escort this woman to the inn." 
and then the guard leads Jhosne through the gates and toward 
the inn.

Upon reaching the inn, the guard opens the door and says, 
"After you."

Inside the inn, seated at a table with another woman and three 
men, Jhosne sees Dyee. Her friend has been in an animated 
conversation, but everyone stops and looks at the door...and 
Jhosne when she enters.

There is a light of recognition in Dyee's eyes when she sees 
her friend standing in the doorway.


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