[OTB] At the Gates

Bob Kondrk gm at rkondrk.com
Mon Jul 10 16:08:15 EDT 2006

Eris Reddoch wrote:

> "Best friend?" the first guard says, "Ran away?"
> The second says, "Mistress Holordael, your friend can be found 
> at the inn beyond the gates. I will escort you to her."
> "Hal!" the second guard calls out and a young man trots over.
> "Yes Sir?" he asks.
> "Keep guard with Billy while I escort this woman to the inn." 
> and then the guard leads Jhosne through the gates and toward 
> the inn.

"Thank you, sir...", the young woman says respectfully.

> Upon reaching the inn, the guard opens the door and says, 
> "After you."

Jhosne nods politely and steps inside.

> Inside the inn, seated at a table with another woman and three 
> men, Jhosne sees Dyee. Her friend has been in an animated 
> conversation, but everyone stops and looks at the door...and 
> Jhosne when she enters.
> There is a light of recognition in Dyee's eyes when she sees 
> her friend standing in the doorway.

Almost as if she doesn't dare to believe it, the tall blonde just stands 
there for a moment, looking at her friend.  "Dyee...?", she asks 

Bob K.

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