[OTB] At the Gates

Bob Kondrk gm at rkondrk.com
Tue Jul 11 21:45:20 EDT 2006

JR wrote:
>> "I came out to look for you!  I was really *worried* about you!", the
>> axe-wielder blurted out with deep emotion.
> "I know, and I'm sorry." Dyee smiles and looks up at her. "I'll tell you
> about it later. Now, let me introduce you to my new friends." Dyee takes
> Jhosne's hand and tows her to the table. "Everyone, this is my friend
> Jhosne."

Despite her carrying a *very* lethal-looking weapon, there's a 
noticeable touch of innocence in her eyes as she smiles politely to the 
others.  "Well met, everyone..."

Bob K.

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