[OTB] At the Gates

Greg S montecristo at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 15 13:19:35 EDT 2006

> >> She seems to get a special little gleam in her eye as her face 
> >> into a grin.  "Sure!"  She gestures towards the axe handle hanging
> >> behind her shoulder.  "I'd *love* to get a chance to actually *use* 
> >> thing for a change!"
> >
> > "Good," Dyee grins. "Gar is getting tired of being carved on, I think."
>Jhosne nodded.  "You probably have problems with being outflanked too,

"Well, he does have large flanks, but we have had some problems with that 
too," Charles says, looking at the healing scar on his arm.  "Yes we have."


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