[OTB] Back to the MIne!

Eris Reddoch erisred at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 18 00:26:58 EDT 2006

The party, with the newly added Jhosne, leave the tavern and 
pass back through the small town's gates into the countryside.

The mines are up in the hills surrounding the town. The group 
winds its way up into the hills, the first time for Jhosne and 
the second time for everyone else. Dyee and Dorvin move ahead 
and out to scout while Charlie, Bosley, Gar and Jhosne stick 
close together.

Bosley asks, "So, what is the plan. Are going to go right back 
in the way we left? Do you think the monsters will have 
reoccupied those rooms we cleared?"


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