[OTB] Mine Entrance

Eris Reddoch erisred at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 23 13:45:19 EDT 2006

The mine's entrance looks as abandoned as the party remembered 
it being. There are no guards in sight, and recent tracks 
leading into or out of the dark shaft in the side of the tall 

The party advances down the 10 foot wide shaft for 30 feet 
where the mine turns to the left (north) and continues another 
70 feet. The sides of the shaft are dimly lighted by a fungus 
growing along the walls and ceiling. You can see your tracks 
where you left the previous day...it doesn't look like the 
goblins, or their allies, have been through here since.

Making a turn to the right (west) you walk another 40 feet to 
the pile of rubble blocking the corridor. From yesterday you 
know that there is a lever you can pull that will open a 
hidden door in this rubble allowing you to enter into the 
rooms beyond. Yesterday, there were several goblin guards in 
the next room. You killed them and left their bodies there, 
but whether the room has been reoccupied or not you don't 
know...and won't know until you open the door and enter.


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