[OTB] Mine Entrance

Bob Kondrk gm at rkondrk.com
Sun Jul 23 20:56:40 EDT 2006

JR wrote:
>> Making a turn to the right (west) you walk another 40 feet to
>> the pile of rubble blocking the corridor. From yesterday you
>> know that there is a lever you can pull that will open a
>> hidden door in this rubble allowing you to enter into the
>> rooms beyond. Yesterday, there were several goblin guards in
>> the next room. You killed them and left their bodies there,
>> but whether the room has been reoccupied or not you don't
>> know...and won't know until you open the door and enter.
> Dyee turns to Dorvin. "Ready?"

The tall blonde grips her axe intently.  "I'm ready."

Bob K.

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