(Caledon/Reavers' Deep 2218  A999587-E  N  Ni               612  Fd  F0V)
Primary:   Lukagim, spectral class F0V. ICN S4G0608F0V. Mass: 1.34 std, Diameter: 1.38 std. Luminosity:  4.26 std

V Condorde:
Orbital radius: 230.98 Mkm (1.54 au).
Local Year: 562.5 days.
One satellite.
Diameter: 14,062 km. 
Density:  0.98 std. 
Mass:  1.40 std. 
Surface Gravity:  1.11 G.
Local Day:  21 hr 55 min 36 sec.
Axial Inclination:  27
Atmospheric Pressure:  1.7 atm, composition is oxygen-nitrogen mix tainted by potentially dangerous gases, filter mask required!.
Hydrographic Percentage:  95%,  composition is water and frozen water-ice, also tainted, treatment required for consumption.
Mean Temperature:  8 C.

Map of Caledon (click for more detail)
Remarks:  Concorde is chiefly important as the major link between the Imperium and the Principality of Caledon, and has a long history as an advanced outpost of the Imperial presence in Reavers' Deep.

     The world was originally settled around -200 by a small band of Aslan clansmen, Ihatei searching for a landhold of their own. It was not exactly choice real estate, but the Aslan were not strong enough to take better property away from the various Reaver warlords who dominated the better worlds. The Aslan colony prospered, and established good relations with the emergent Principality of Caledon as the latter began to expand into space.

     The Third Imperium arrived in the region just over 400 years after the Aslan settlement was established, and Concorde was the scene of one of the many conflicts which made up the Imperial phase of the Aslan Border Wars. Strangely, in those conflicts the humans of Caledon (Reavers' Deep 1815) sided with the alien Aslan, against the Imperium: the Caledonians were unwilling to see themselves consumed by the expanding Imperial frontier as the Kolan Hegemony already had been.

     Eventually, though, sufficient guarantees of independence and good faith were offered, and the Principality agreed to withdraw from the conflict. The Aslan on Concorde ultimately chose to accept the Emperor as their new overlord, and Concorde joined the Imperium. The world, given its name to celebrate the new spirit of fellowship that followed this agreement (its previous, Aslan name was Wyaseakhtai), continues today to support a mixed population of humans and Aslan.

     It is a major port for trade with Caledon; farflung Caledonian mercantile interests in turn ensure that goods from as far away as the Hierate border worlds wind up passing through the trade docks of Concorde. Lately, competition between the Caledonian merchants and various Imperial firms (especially Delgado Trading, LIC, a megacorporation) has led to slight downturn in trade through Concorde and consequent economic and political concerns

Note:  The discovery of the Ikuna/Olympus wormhole won't greatly increase the volume of trade through Concorde, but it's control by LSP and Caledon Trading will shift economic dominancy away from Delgado Trading and toward the LSP/Caledon Trading partnership.

Planetary System: Ten major bodies. One inhabited world (Concorde, V). Three gas giant. One planetoid belts.