Ikuna 5 (Reaver's Deep/2419
         E000410-A 312 (F5IV M0D)

Planetary System:  Eight major bodies. No inhabited worlds. Two gas giants in system. One planetoid belt (restricted) in system. One moon inhabited. Total population is estimated to be around 30,000..

The Ikuna Belt: Mean orbital radius, 10.72 million to 34.64 million kilometers (0.1 - 0.2 AU). Location of Ikuna/Olympus wormhole. Except for the area immediately around the wormhole and the LSP Management Facility, the entire belt is restricted to Ling Standard Employees. Belt composition, primarily nickel-iron bodies of varying sizes. Remarks: The Ikuna asteroid belt is a small and not particularly rich region in an unusual star system. The belt is located between the orbits of the two stars, Ikuna and its smaller companion, Gakur. Probably gravitational stresses between them created the belt; except for the "official" Starport/mainworld for this system the remaining worlds of the system lie outside the orbit of Gakur, and are quite devoid of interest.

Ikuna Starport/Mainworld: Mean orbital radius 416.62 million kilometers (2.8 AU). Locally called Maakharra, the open starport is located on a a moon of the Zeta gas giant in orbit 5. This  small commercial port (type E) and has a population of around 2,000.

Remarks:  The Ikuna Belt is wholly owned by the Imperial megacorporation Ling Standard Products, which bought all rights to exploit the star system from the Imperium 200 years ago. In addition to mining activities, the belt boasts several fairly large manufacturing centers, including an LSP starship plant specializing in the construction of planetoid-hull vessels.

In fact, the LSP operation at the Ikuna Belt is far larger than might be expected for an E-class port. The facilities at Ikuna are actually far more sophisticated; the belt easily qualifies for status as a class-A port, but LSP managers refuse to open the belt's facilities to non-LSP vessels. Visitors must make do with some primitive facilities located on the moon of an outer gas giant, over 2.5 astronomical units out from the belt's orbit. Private vessels venturing closer to the belt (or now, outside a 50,000 km radius of the wormhole) without express permission are turned away by patrol cruisers crewed by tough mercenaries in the pay of the megacorporation.

This extreme concern with security has led to a great deal of speculation as to the "secret of the Ikuna Belt." Rumors abound; some of the most common include a rich minerals strike which LSP wishes to keep secret both from outside prospectors and from Imperial tax collectors; the presence of a secret testing area for new, high-tech ship designs; the discovery of an Ancients site filled with technological wonders, and many even sillier notions.

The belt, of course, is big enough to make it difficult to police, and other ships could get in among the LSP-restricted belt. However, several incidents have occurred already in which intruders were destroyed without warning if they were found to have ignored the general signals restricting visitors from the belt zone. Whatever LSP is hiding in the Ikuna Belt, the corporation is determined to keep hidden.

Note: Recently a jump gate has been opened connecting the Ikuna (2419) system in the Caledon Subsector  to the Olympus ( ) system in the Urlaqquash Subsector six parsecs away. The jump gate is owned and operated by a joint venture of Caledon Trading, Ltd. and Ling Standard Products.  Jump gates are linked areas in two systems that allow ships to move instantaneously from one system to another. These gates are extremely rare, only a handful have been discovered and most of those are too small to be of practical benefit. This jump gate should allow for increased trade between the Principality of Caledon and the border worlds of Nightrim and Urlaggash in the Federation of Daibei.

Primary:  Ikuna. Class F5 IV.
Secondary: Gakur, Class M0 D.
Ikuna F5 IV
  1 I Epsilon X000000-0 
  2 Gakur M0 D 
      0 II Alpha G100000-0 
  3 I Delta H330120-9 
      2 I Delta Ay YR00000-A Re 
      7 I Delta Bee YS00000-0 
  5 I Zeta XB00000-0 
      8 Zeta Ay E000410-A Ni Va As Lo 
  6 I Eta Y658300-9 
      3 I Eta Ay YR00000-0 
      7 I Eta Bee Y503000-A Re 
     60 I Eta See Y200000-0 
  7 I Theta F221261-9 
  8 I Iota F773263-A Re 
      7 I Iota Ay Y400000-A Re 
      9 Ikuna I Iota Bee F100261-A Re 
  9 I Kappa Y220362-9 
      60 I Kappa Ay YS00000-A Re 
 10 I Lambda F674000-A Re 
 11 I Mu Y344321-9 
      12 I Nu G889122-9 
  7 I Nu Ay Y632000-0 
 13 I Xi XC00000-0 
      3 I Xi Ay YR00000-0 
      4 I Xi Bee H400000-A Re 
      7 I Xi See HS00100-9 
     11 I Xi Dee H400000-0 
     40 I Xi Ee Y322000-A Re 

Mainworld: Ikuna(5)

Maakharra orbits a small gas giant in the outer Ikuna system. This moon is airless and dry, and only serves as a way stop for ships travelling through the system. Now that the wormhole has opened, the sole reason for the existence of this is has disappeared.

Social cautions: No special customs