The Nomad Ranger
 Ship's Stats
 Ship's Log & Finances
  1. Bridge
    The bridge has its own small airlock. There is a grav lift in the center of the bridge center leading to down to Deck 2.
    1. Pilot's Station
    2. Astrogator's Station
    3. Communications Console
    4. Sensor Suite
    5. Turret Weapons Control
    6. Ship's Locker
  2. Sickbay/Lowberths
    There are 12 low berths stacked 3 high, and a recovery area. The sickbay consists of an examining table and a cabinet with medicine and instruments.
  3. Crew quarters
    1. Jason's Cabin/Office
    2. Mal'ya's Cabin
    3. Dalor's Cabin
    4. Elaine's Cabin
    5. Natasha' Cabin
    6. Bernie's Cabin
  4. Commons
    The Commons area contains a lounge, entertainment center, and dining area. There is a large galley off the Commons. This area is shared by both passengers and crew.
  5. Passenger quarters
    1. Owner's Cabin Aboard -- This large suite has been used as a workout area by passengers and crew. It can be converted back into a luxury suite as needed.
    2. Stateroom
    3. Stateroom
    4. Stateroom
    5. Stateroom
    6. Stateroom
    7. Stateroom
  6. Engineering

Deck 1

Deck 1 Nomad Ranger

  1. Collapsible Fuel Tanks -- Enough storage for an extra parsec jump if filled with water or methane or 9 more dtons of cargo.
  2. Air/Raft or Vehicle parking area.
  3. Open area -- Used for up to 7 dtons of cargo storage or other activities. There is a grav lift here that goes up to the Bridge on Deck 1.
  4. Cargo Bay -- Large cargo doors on either side allow Roll-on/Roll-off operations. Room for 32 dtons of cargo.
  5. Corridor from the Cargo Bay to Lower Engineering with large fuel tanks on either side.
  6. Lower Engineering -- The fuel purifier and power plants are located here. There is a grav lift here leading to Upper Engineering on Deck 1. There is also a small airlock on the aft bulkhead.
    1. Fuel Purifier.
    2. Fusion Power Plants and Electrical Generators

Deck 2

Nomad Ranger Deck 2