The Princess Bride
 Ship's Stats
 Ship's Log & Finances
  1. Bridge
    The bridge has four workstations. Any can be configured to provide assess to Piloting, Navigation, Sensor, Communication, Engineering, Computer or Weapon Control.
  2. Crew/Passenger Quarters
    6 staterooms (unassigned)
  3. Commons
    The Commons area contains a lounge, entertainment center, and dining area. This area is shared by both passengers and crew. An overhead hatch leads to Turret One..
  4. Ship's Locker
  5. Galley
     There is a large galley aft of the Commons.
  6. Corridor Aft. An overhead hatch leads to Turret Two.
  7. Low Berths: 4 double decker  low berth units. The entrance to the boat bay.
  8. Boat Bay. The ship's vehicle and extra missiles are located here.
  9. Cargo Bays: Forward Bay 14 dtons; Aft Bay 10 dtons. Each has its own airlock entrance from the outside. A sliding door (sealable) opens between the Forward Bay and the Boat Bay allowing assess to the rest of the ship.. A small airlock connects the Forward and Aft bays.
  10. Engineering
Princess Bride Deckplan