(Reaver's Deep/3125 B566563-A Ag Ni 213 M1 V)
Primary:  Posiden. Class M1V.

0 Devonia:
Orbital radius: 30.1 Mkm (0.21 au).
Local Year: 48.167 days.
No satellites.
Diameter: 7520 km. 
Density:  0.94. 
Mass:  0.23. 
Surface Gravity:  0.588 G.
Local Day:  35.3 hr.
Axial Inclination:  28'. 
Atmospheric Pressure:  0.95 atm, composition:  standard oxygen-nitrogen mix.
Hydrographic Percentage:  62%,  composition is liquid water. 
Mean Temperature:  12.93' C.


    Devonia 0 is the home for three colonies. Narisagiir (3127) founded a colony in 1093 on the eastern continent that as grown to 120,000 humans. The Narisagiir colony is governed directly by a governor appointed by the homeworld.  Close to 20,000 Virushi have emigrated from Virshash over the past 100 years, settling entirely on the central continent, and are, as is usual for Virushi, virtually ungoverned.  A small Aslan colony was founded on Devonia's western continent during the Aslan expansion several hundred years ago and after swearing loyalty to the Imperium were allowed to remain. The Aslan clans have prospered and now has a population of over 80,000. 
    Devonia's primary products are agricultural, various ores, radioactives, natural compounds; agroproducts,  metals,  and non-Metals. The human colony has focused on agriculture and mining, primarily for export to their home system. The aslan have a mixed economy that includes herding, agriculture, mining and light industry, and employ several thousand humans in their area. The Virushi have constructed in a number of automated factories to process various compounds, chemicals, and consumer products for internal consumption.
    There is a mystery surrounding Devonia. It is not a bad world, but only in the past few hundred years has it been permanently occupied. Less attractive worlds around Devonia were settled and thrived, but only in the past few hundred years have colonies been successful here.
Rest of System:  There are a  number of small mining outposts on other bodies in the Devonia system. These are concentrated on the satellites of the gas giants Devonia 1 and Devonia 7.
Planetary System: Posiden, six major bodies. One inhabited world (Devonia 0). Two gas giants. One planetoid belt.


0 Devonia I Alpha B566563-A Ag Ni
1 Devonia I Beta XC00000-0
    4 Devonia I Beta Ay G100400-9
    6 Devonia I Beta Bee Y8A9000-0
    7 Devonia I Beta See Y446400-9
    8 Devonia I Beta Dee Y230400-A Re
    9 Devonia I Beta Ee Y260423-A Re
    10 Devonia I Beta Eff GS00200-A Re
2 Devonia I Gamma Y153164-9
4 Devonia I Epsilon XB00000-0
6 Devonia I Eta X000000-0
7 Devonia I Theta XC00000-0
    6 Devonia I Theta Ay G210420-9
    7 Devonia I Theta Bee YS00310-9
    12 Devonia I Theta See Y100000-A Re
    15 Devonia I Theta Dee Y101000-0
    35 Devonia I Theta Ee Y320400-9
    60 Devonia I Theta Eff Y330230-9