Olympus 6 (Reaver's Deep/3021
         A000567-D 614 G1 III)

Planetary System:  Olympus's primary is named Yarghol. Yarghol has, 6 planets, 1 planetoid belt, and an empty orbit.  There are 4 gas giants (4, 5, 7 & 8). One planetoid belt (6).

There are small mining outposts on Beta and Gamma as well as on moons orbiting Gamma and several of the gas giants.

The population center of this system is the asteroid Olympus located in orbit 6.

Note: Recently a jump gate has been opened connecting this system to the Ikuna (2419) system in the Caledon Subsector six parsecs away. The jump gate is owned and operated by Caledon Trading, Ltd.  Jump gates are linked areas in two systems that allow ships to move instantaneously from one system to another. These gates are extremely rare, only a handful have been discovered and most of those are too small to be of practical benefit. This jump gate should allow for increased trade between the Principality of Caledon and the border worlds of Nightrim and Urlaggash in the Federation of Daibei.

Primary:  Yarghol. Class G1 III.
 1 Beta           F20016A-C	
 2 Gamma          Y300367-D Nv
    9  Gamma Ay   Y200000-0	
   25  Gamma Bee  FS0036A-D Nv 
 4 Epsilon        XB00000-0	
    2 Epsilon Ay  YR00000-0	
    3 Epsilon Bee HR00000-D 
    6 Epsilon See Y300100-D Re 
   40 Epsilon Dee YS00000-0	
   45 Epsilon Ee  G450100-C	
   50 Epsilon Eff YS00000-0	
 5 Zeta           XC00000-0	
    5 Zeta Ay     Y430000-0	
    7 Zeta Bee    Y421100-C	
   45 Zeta See    YS00000-0	
 6 Eta            A000567-D Ni Va As    
 7 Theta          XB00000-0	
    2 Theta Ay    YR00000-0	
    6 Theta Bee   YS00000-D 
    7 Theta See   Y300300-D Nv 
   10 Theta Dee   Y200000-0	
   35 Theta Ee    YS00000-0	
   50 Theta Eff   Y300000-0	
   55 Theta Gee   Y300000-D 
 8 Iota           XC00000-0	
    4 Iota Ay     Y100000-0	
    6 Iota Bee    Y100000-0	
   15 Iota See    H601000-D 
   35 Iota Dee    G763100-C	
   40 Iota Ee     Y200000-D 
   45 Iota Eff    Y100000-0

Mainworld: Olympus(6)

Olympus is a group of three large planetoids near the center of the planetary belt. The three planetoids are named Olympus, Urrish and Azmag. Most of Olympus' citizens are employed directly, or in support of, the shipyards. The remainder are involved in mining or mining support. The only major industries in the Olympus belt are connected with the ship yards and mining.

Olympus has long been under martial law administered by the Imperial Navy, now the Federation of Daibei Navy.  The Military Governor, currently Baron Captain Travis Bartek, has supreme authority over all of the Olympus system. Civilians, appointed by the Military Governor serve as administrative and legal officials in the Olympus planetoids.

Azmag is the location for a small Federation of Daibei Naval base as well as both civilian and naval TL-14 shipyards. Access to Azmag is restricted to employees of the shipyards, naval personnel attached to the base, and authorized guests...generally, the owners and crew of ships being repaired or serviced.

Olympus, proper, has a population of approximately 600,000 (75% human, 15% aslan, 5% vargr, 3% virushi, 2% other), and is the home of the vast majority of sophents living in the Olympus system. Olympus is honeycombed with tunnels and caverns, most of which are maintained at a standard 1 g through gravity control. An efficient tube system connects the commercial, recreational and living nodes inside Olympus. There is regular shuttle service between Olympus and it's neighboring planetoids. The civilian Starport is located on Olympus.

Urrish is a location for most of the food production for the Olympus system. The surface of Urrish is covered with greenhouses, and many aquaculture and aeroculture chambers have been constructed inside Urrish.  Urrish produces enough food to make the Olympus system nearly self-sufficient, however the quality and variety of the food produced here is poor. Visitors from other systems are very rarely allowed to visit Urrish.

The people of Olympus are progressive and friendly. They tend to be neutral in their views of Imperial politics, following whatever line the current Military Governor follows. A very common local fashion for Olympians is body tattooing, especially of the face. Most Olympians wear softsuits under their outer clothing at all times. These softsuits are covered with clan and class designs and patterns. Outer clothing and vacc suits also bear these clan and class patterns.

Social cautions:

  1. Olympians have a strong taboo against anyone entering the sleeping quarters of  non-family members. Entering a bed chamber of any non-family member is considered the same as having sexual relations with the person who sleeps there, even if that person is not present, and without express permission to enter doing so is legally punishable as rape.
  2. Almost all Olympians follow the practice of giving thanks for their food after eating.  The custom is to stand and thank the grower and the universe for the food they have eaten, promising to use the energy they gain from it to do only good works.
  3. Only outcasts, prisoners and the lowest of the low, where unadorned clothing.  Visitors,  ship crews and travellers, will want to wear uniforms, or attach some sort of insignia or design to any clothing they wear while in the Olympus system.