Urlaggash I 2
(Reaver's Deep/3023 B788777-9 Ag Ri 412 G7V M0V)
Primary:  Zange. Class G7V.

2 Urlaggash I:
Orbital radius: 104.2 Mkm (0.7 au).
Local Year:305.59 days.
No satellites.
Diameter: 11,520 km. 
Density:  0.9. 
Mass:  0.603. 
Surface Gravity:  0.788 G.
Local Day:  14 hr.
Axial Inclination:  15
Atmospheric Pressure:  1.58 atm, composition:  standard oxygen-nitrogen mix.
Hydrographic Percentage:  76%,  composition is liquid water. 
Mean Temperature:  42.3 C.

    Urlaggash I 2 is a Balkanized world with 16 nation states. Of these, 14 are populated primarily with humans, 1 is an Aslan state and 1 is a Virushi area. The Starport is located at Masole, in the Virushi area, and is an open port used by all of the states.  Debcalon, Valon, Wellaway, Tennison, Killian, Onaya, and Ava Leon are the most powerful of the human states. The Aslan occupied area is the northern half of the continent shared with Tennison. The Virushi area is the equatorial area around Masole with Wellaway, and two smaller human states to the north and Valone to the south.  Additionally, there are a number of large islands, some occupied  and some still undeveloped. The total population on Urlaggash 2 is estimated at: 40 million humans, 500 thousand Aslan and 30 thousand Virushi.
    Urlaggash is a warm, rich, agricultural, world that exports agricultural and agroproducts, ores, compounds, non-metals, manufactured parts, artforms and documents.  The Virushi on Urlaggash are noted for their wooden sculptures of abstract forms. The hills and mountains of Wellaway are rich in a number of metal ores and coal. Onaya is a major producer of non-metal compounds collected from the desert located there. Tennison is a major grain producer in this subsector.
    The balkanized nature of Urlaggash has been retarding factor in its development. Hostilities among the various states, even wars, continue right up until today. When the planet was approached by the Imperium in the early 500's no unified planetary government could be formed. The Imperium founded a Starport at a small city, Masole, in the Virushi area and it was declared an open city and defended by the local Virushi and Imperial forces. In 866 a small ISS (Scout) base was located at Masole. In 982 the Urlaggash Trade League was formed to provide a single agency to deal with the Imperium and to conduct trade with other systems, and today all states on the planet belong to the UTL.
Rest of System:  Urlaggash 1 (Y485437-8) is a near greenhouse world, and is mostly undeveloped except for some mining of radioactives, ores and crystals. There is one city on Urlaggash 1, Candi, with a population of 37,000. Another 10,000 are scattered across Urlaggash 1 in small mining camps. A very small Scout camp is located here to assist the colonists.
     Urlaggash 3 (F41333A-8) has only a trace of atmosphere except for a small area around the small colony (4,100). This area is a depressed area around a large lake where the pressure has been raised to 0.47 atm. composed almost entirely of CO2. Although the colonists must wear air tanks and live in sealed domes, they are able to work in this small area in their shirtsleeves.
     There are a few minor outposts in the rest of the system, but nothing of consequence.
Planetary System: Zange has, five planets. Three inhabited worlds (Urlaggash 1, 2, 3). No gas giants. One planetoid belt. The companion star Mal has four planets. No inhabited worlds, although a small Scout Outpost is located at Urlaggash II 2 to provide anti-piracy duty around the gas giants. Two gas giants.