The Reavers' Deep
Anthology Game

The Reavers' Deep Sector was developed by Gamelords (Andrew and Bill Keith) under licence from GDW for the TRAVELLER® Universe. In 1999, Cargonaut Press (Paul Sanders) published a number of supplements that had been begun by the Keith Brothers, but never printed. The bulk of the information on this page is based on this material and work done by Keven Pittsinger and Derek Stanley.

Overview of The Reavers' Deep Sector

The Reavers' Deep sector borders on the riward edge of the Imperium adjacent to the Great Rift. Rimward is the Solomani Confederation, spinward is the Alsan Hierate, trailing is the Daibei sector of the Imperium, and coreward is the Great Rift. The Reavers' Deep was named for its strong association with roaming pirate bands known as "The Reavers." Although the great age of the Reavers has long past, suppressed by the navies of its larger neighbors, they (and their ancestors) created many of the states in the areas and shaped the culture of the entire area. Even today, piracy is considered more acceptable and practiced with more impunity in the Deep. When the large neighboring states are occupied with their own affairs the Deep begins to revert to its old nature.

Reavers' Deep is a buffer zone for it's larger galactic neighbors composed of independent systems and minor multi-system states. The interactions of these systems and the maneuverings of their large neighbors keeps the Reavers' Deep in constant turmoil. The Deep is a sector of shifting alliances, petty wars, piracy and change. In the Deep almost anything can happen.

There are several important multi-system states in the Deep: The Principality of Caledon, the largest human-governed state is often described as a "commercial kingdom" masquarading as a state; The Carrillian Assembly, the second largest political entity is an aggressive, expansionistic state controlled by a charismatic dictator; The Union of Harmony has strong ties to the Solomani Confederation and its location and policies put it into constant conflict with Aslan interests in the Deep; The Condederacy of Ducinae is a loose group of systems that place strong emphasis on individual freedom; and The Grand Duchy of Marlheim, a totalitarian state founded by one of the greatest Reaver Warlords. Additionally, there are a number of "client states" such as the Kolan Hegemony and the Grand Duchy of Douglass. Other smaller states and independent systems are scattered across the Deep, each with its own goals and dreams.

Astrography of The Reavers' Deep Sector

(note: The stellar data included is non-standard and subject to change)