Reaver's Deep Sector
A - Farift B - Riftdeep C - Riftrim D - Gulf
E - Hryaroaa F - Scotian Deep G - Caledon H - Nightrim
I - Keiar J - Ea K - Drexilthar L - Urlaqqush
M - Uhtaa N - Eakoi O - Drinsaar P - Fahlnar

Map of Reaver's Deep Trailing

The Farift subsector is actually situated within the Great Rift, along the bottom of the "thumb" portion of "The Claw." Only two worlds in the subsector are part of a multi-world government, the Tlyetrai Assembly. Luiwaiwuah and Turin were settled by a minor race from Hoa in -75 by sublight generation ships, and for centuries all contact was via these sublight ships. Several decades ago, Hoa acquired a jump capable starship and proceeded to conquer their colony on Luiwaiwuah. It is through their possession of this lone ship that they hold together the Assembly, and that ship is beginning to break down.

Farift Subsector A

PlanetName    Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX
----------    ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- ---
Uta           0102 E243000-0    Ba                 902 Na
Andalusia     0110 E678985-5    Hi In              905 Na
Luiwaiwuah    0209 C677666-7    Ni                 124 Na
Bergland      0304 E452000-0    Ba                 112 Na
Kimberly      0307 E000000-0    As Ba Va           703 Na
Hoa           0310 C664853-8    Ri                 211 Na
Campbell      0406 E775000-0    Ba                 903 Na
Turin         0409 C857643-8    Ni                 924 Na
Kelly         0607 D264677-7    Ni Ri              405 Na
Vasago        0805 E677000-0    Ba                 825 Na
The Farift subsector contains 10 worlds with a poulation of 9.214 billion. The highest population is at Andalusia, and the highest tech level is 8 at Hoa and Turin.

Riftdeep is a relatively empty subsector situated along the edge of the Great Rift. The planet Storm is the home of the H'Oskhikhil who have just been contacted within the last decade by traders from Caledon Ventures. Storm has just come out of its closest approach to its sun and the H'Oskhikhil are now expanding across their planet again, and now out to the stars.

Riftdeep Subsector B

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Razzia        0906 E662000-0    Ba                 110 Na       G4 V
Balyff        0909 C768845-8    Ri                 904 Na       M7 V
Dirk          1109 C325685-9    Ni                 600 Na       M9 V
Mooney        1206 E768000-0    Ba                 423 Na       M4 V
Kieffer       1310 C685589-7    Ag Lo Ni           204 Na       M4 V
Storm         1404 E774950-8    Hi In              801 Na       F8 V M6 D
Angela        1406 E301000-0    Ba Ic Va           610 Na       M2 V M0 D
Morristown    1409 C797345-7    Ag Lo Ni           902 Na       M7 V
Horacio       1410 D778588-6    Ag Lo Ni           703 Na       G5 V
Linsiber      1508 C897545-5    Ag Lo Ni           300 Na       K8 V
Lise          1607 D1305AA-9    De Lo Ni Po        800 Na       M2 V
Markos        1610 C547545-6    Ag Lo Ni           502 Na       F4 V

The Riftdeep subsector contains 12 worlds with a population of 8.908 
billion. The highest population is 8 billion at Storm, and the highest tech
level is 9 at Dirk and Lise.

Riftrim is a barren subsector situated at the edge of the Great Rift. It is sparsely populated without any multi-world governments, or much reason to attract them.

Riftrim Subsector C

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Sean          1705 E482000-0    Ba                 614 Na       M0 V
Winnetka      1710 C335577-9    Lo Ni              803 Na       A4 V
Ellerton      1810 D102322-9    Ic Lo Ni Va        213 Na       M7 V M0 D
Caere         1908 E656000-0    Ba                 801 Na       G6 V M4 D
Vichy         2005 E301000-0    Ba Ic Va           100 Na       K4 IV M7 D
Iron Angel    2110 C435412-9    Lo Ni              321 Na       M9 V M7 V M1 D
Beltene       2203 E856000-0    Ba                 310 Na       M1 IV
Los           2207 E6667A9-4                       720 Na       M7 V
Cuslets       2309 C897534-6    Ag Lo Ni           803 Na       M8 V
Zemlya        2310 C767976-8    Hi                 424 Na       M9 V M7 D M0 D
Cesare        2410 C579742-7                       904 Na       M4 V

The Riftrim subsector contains 11 worlds with a population of 4.161 billion. The highest population is 4 billion at Zemlya and the highest tech level is 9 at Winnetka, Ellerton and Iron Angel.

The Gulf subsector is on the edge of the Great Rift, and contains the coreward most portion of Imperial presence in the Reaver's Deep. It is also the least populated subsector in the Deep. Two major city-states on Verini have recently declared war on each other, and this has led th TAS to declare Verini a Red Zone.

Gulf Subsector D

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Kyshana       2501 E000000-0    As Ba Va        R  070 Na       M7V A7V
Bhasad        2504 E865000-0    Ba                 213 Na       G4V
Verini        2508 D324578-9    Lo Ni           R  903 Na       M3V F8V
Opitan        2510 C65889C-6                    R  403 Na       F2V
Oloma         2610 C664632-6    Ni              R  310 Na       M1V
Wisaaran      2803 E858000-0    Ba                 200 Na       G5V K9V
Vesech        2810 C764857-4    Ri                 704 Na       G8V
Dhroma        2909 C788535-7    Ag Lo Ni           110 Na       K6V
Keltia        3010 B484655-4    Ni Ri              122 Im       G6V G4V
Mirinda       3109 C120220-C  S De Lo Ni Po        301 Im       M7V K6V/F9V
Yimna         3207 E686720-5                       530 Im       F8V
Kylian        3209 BA57742-A  A                    113 Im       F5V

The Gulf subsector contains 12 worlds with a population of 1.165 billion. The highest population is 700 million at Vesech, and the highest tech level is 12 at Mirinda.

The Hryaroaa subsector contains two interstellar governments, the Khan World League, and a portion of the Islaiat Dominate. The Khan World League is a tightly controlled group of worlds all ruled from Khan, one the last Reaver states established. Yaddah was formerly a part of the League until they revolted in 1031.

Hryaroaa Subsector E

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Eustauf       0112 E445542-7    Ag Lo Ni           900 Na       M4IV
Houndd        0115 A66588B-C  J Ri                 203 Na       F3V
Tahoawlywyaw  0117 A354544-B    Ag Lo Ni           515 Id       M7V M2V
Failraoiya    0120 C3828C9-5                       223 Id       G8V
Loki          0212 X47599B-2    Hi In           R  524 Na       G1V
Eeaaira       0215 B644488-7  J Ag Lo Ni           503 Id       K6V M6D
Iwioiar       0217 A799769-7  J                    224 Id       K8V
Oakhahyolerl  0220 C797559-8    Ag Lo Ni           304 Id       K1V
Khtehkaaoas   0317 B465369-A  J Ag Lo Ni           903 Id       M7V M8D
Wihea         0318 E8779B8-7    Hi In              304 Na       M7V
Maijarra      0320 CB48ADD-7    Hi In              504 Id       M7V
Drusilla      0414 C6726A7-6    Ni                 105 Na       M6V
Laurence      0415 C737451-9    Lo Ni              403 Na       M0V
Reynolds      0417 B554645-7    Ni                 402 Na       K0IV M8V
Aosewa        0518 A44296A-A  J Hi In Po           824 Na       M0V
Auikali       0519 C568977-8    Hi                 710 Na       M7V
Enicel        0611 X437630-0    Ni              R  814 Na       M6V
Metzler       0612 C86A122-7    Lo Wa              400 Na       K2V
Yedidah       0616 A546787-9  J Ag                 600 Na       F8V M6D
Brittany      0619 E8D08AD-5    De                 803 Na       K1V M4D
Estrington    0711 B421611-8    Na Ni Po           304 Na       K8V M6D
Pauline       0712 C631410-8    Lo Ni Po           600 Na       K8V M1D
Gofannon      0713 C6677A8-4    Ag                 404 Na       M1V
Marie         0716 C313767-7    Ic Na              722 Gk       M1III
Tembo         0717 C684566-7    Ag Lo Ni           504 Gk       G1V
Kawa          0720 C56368C-8    Ni Ri              815 Na       K1V
Cyne          0816 C878662-5    Ni                 900 Gk       M6V M1D
Khan          0817 B5219CC-A    Hi In Na Po        313 Gk       M5V

The Hryaroaa subsector contains 28 worlds with a population of 77.425 billion. The highest population is 50 billion at Maijarra, and the highest tech level is 12 at Houndd.

Located near the heart of Reaver's Deep, the Scotian Deep subsector is dominated both politically and economically by the Principality of Caledon. Politically, nearly a third of the subsector is directly answerable to the Principality. The trade network of various Caledonian mercantile firms exercises a great deal of influence over the other systems in the region.

Scotian Deep Subsector F

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Chenzen       0911 D747557-6  J  Ag Ni             200 Na       F1 V
Pulou         0915 C343677-7     Ni Po             313 Na       G1 V
Hernne        0917 C778584-9  S  Ag Ni             703 Cs       F8 V
Zabaloc       0919 X675AAc-5     Hi In          R  103 Na       F4 V
Palanay       1014 C462778-8     Ri                305 Na       F4 V M2 D
Rhys          1019 C766896-7  J  Ri                512 Na       M7 V
Brighton      1020 B6959AC-9     In                903 Na       F5 V
Shannon       1113 D65869B-3  J  Ag Ni Ri          604 Na       K4 V
Gavza         1117 E877453-8     Ni                703 Na       M3 V
Kambarage     1211 E5256AB-7     Ni                104 Na       G9 V
Rutherglen    1213 B7788CA-A  J                    302 Cp       G2 V
Knoydart      1214 C322624-B  J  Na Ni Po          904 Cp       M7 II
Glenelg       1216 C567778-8  J  Ag Ri             903 Cp       M7 V
Caithness     1217 A666888-B  J  Ri                102 Cp       G5 V
Rejhappur     1218 B651613-A     Ni Po          A  210 Na       F9 V
Budwick       1317 C887874-8     Ri                601 Cp       M7 V
Annan         1413 C100653-A  J  Na Ni Va          700 Cp       F2 IV
Stirling      1415 A957865-C  J                    203 Cp       G7 V M4 D
Culloden      1417 C220354-9  J  Ni Po De          124 Cp       A1 II
Arrecife      1420 E000301-9     Ni As             300 Na       M8 V
Svalbaed      1512 C202456-9     Ni Ic             302 Na       M4 V
Lanark        1518 C120403-9     Ni Po De          124 Do       M3 V
Mulkins       1520 D9B4358-7     Ni                522 Na       M1 V
Culillin      1613 B648AA9-9     In                204 Cp       M3 V
Dunbarton     1615 A886785-B  J  Ag Ri             813 Cp       M6 IV
Pentland      1616 C413533-8  S  Ni Po Ic          524 Do       M0 IV
Douglass      1617 AA979CA-C  J  In Cp             822 Do       M5 V M6 D

The Scotian Deep subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 41.729 billion. The highest population is 20 billion at Cullin, and the highest tech level is 12 at Stirling and Douglass.

The Caledon subsector is named for the Principality of Caledon, a small but flourishing interstellar state that extends over a portion of this subsector and the adjoining Scotian Deep subsector as well. The Principality is the largest independent state in this portion of the Deep. The trailing portion of the subsector is dominated by the Imperium and its client state, the Kolan Hegamony which the Iimperium is slowly absorbing.

Caledon Subsector G

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Tsanesi       1711 D653636-6     Ni Po Rs          200 Na       F7 V
Stuart        1716 A668786-B  C  Ag Ri             323 Cp       F
MacBeth       1717 B573733-A  C                    622 Cp       K9 V M3 D
Linda         1718 C657510-8     Ag Ni             820 Na       FO V
Firth         1813 C52559B-9     Ni             A  200 Cp       F7 V
Caledon       1815 A8688A5-C  C  Ri Cp             913 Cp       G2 V
Hoffman       1818 D3218A8-8     Na Po             902 Na       M3 V
Glenshiel     1912 DA86563-7     Ag Ni             602 Na       FO V
Claverse      1913 B7677BB-9  C  Ag             A  614 Cp       FO V M4 D
Grampia       1914 E132520-5     Po Ni             201 Cp       MO V
Scotia        1916 B789434-B     Ni Lo             124 Cp       GO V
Rob Roy       1917 B6469BA-B  C  Ni Hi          A  702 Cp       K9 V
Fergus        2014 C253304-7     Ni Po Lo          124 Na       F7 V
Victory       2017 A201766-C  C  Na Ic Va          914 Cp       KO IV
Skye          2018 E799751-1                       312 Na       F
Germaine      2019 A986956-D  M  Hi                301 Na       F6 V
Lhshami       2111 C477794-9     Ag Rs             600 Na       FO V M1 D M5 V
Gash          2116 DAF8573-7     Ni Fl             112 Na       F1 V
Rock          2214 B400364-A     Lo Ni Va O:2313   601 Ok       M5 V
Concorde      2218 A999587-E  N  Ni                613 Im       F3V
Loren         2311 C57459C-7  S  Ag Ni          A  201 Cs       MO V
Kolath        2313 C7678CB-8  J                 A  424 Ok       G4 V
Kurat         2315 CAA7667-7     Fl Ni O:2313      613 Ok       A8 V
Lurammish     2320 C512755-9  S  Na Ic             800 Im       M3 III MO V
Doom          2412 X400200-4     Ni Va Lo       R  901 Na       KO V
Mer           2414 C79A520-8     Ni Wa             424 Im       F8 V
Gerim         2416 A888A97-E  S  Hi                224 Im       B1 V
Bryn          2417 B4268B8-8                       914 Im       FO V
Ikuna         2419 E000410-A     Ni As Lo          312 Im       F5 IV MO D

The Caledon subsector contains 29 worlds with a population of 33.521 billion. The highest population is 20 billion at Gerim, and the highest tech level is 14 at Concorde and Gerim.

The Nightrim subsector is the most populated subsector in the Deep, containing almost 20% of the Deep's populace and fully two-thirds of the Imperial presence. The Imperium dominates this subsector ruling over all but one world. Two worlds, Orkney and Maiden, form the Diebach Grypen, an autonomously governed region that has been quarantined by the Imperium. The quarantine is monitored by the scout base at neighboring Khagish.

Nightrim Subsector H

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Roye          2511 C79A458-A    Lo Ni Wa           202 Na       G9V M7D
Sheffield     2513 C667575-8    Ag Lo Ni           214 Im       F4V
Shetland      2514 B54478A-8  N                    914 Im       K7V
Scapa         2515 B667784-A    Ri                 703 Im       F9V
Kaagin        2516 A5659A9-D  N Hi                 504 Im       F6V
Tower         2519 C5327B8-7    Na Po              710 Im       G4V
St George     2616 A676AA6-C  N Hi In              314 Im       K5V
Lore          2619 B668723-8                       700 Im       M5III
Merisun       2720 E685679-5    Ni Ri           R  701 Im       G7V M8V
Ankara        2812 C99947B-9  S Lo Ni           R  411 Im       M0V
Vetzeal       2813 E423214-7    Lo Ni Po           310 Im       M3V
Aries         2816 B110444-F  N Lo Ni              214 Im       G2V
Koath         2819 C301453-A    Ic Lo Ni Va        424 Im       F5V
Veroch        2912 E6B0101-8    De Lo Ni           713 Im       M9V
Mull          2916 CAC7312-9    Fl                 611 Im       G5V
Stonehaven    2917 A9D5422-C  N                    914 Im       F4V
Orkney        2919 B5888CB-9                    R  302 Dg       F7V
Maiden        2920 E544567-7    Ag Lo Ni O:2919 R  104 Dg       G5IV
Khishali      3012 C866759-8    Ri                 914 Im       M3V M2D
Khagish       3019 D7649DD-8  S Hi                 715 Im       K8V
815-205       3111 C99A311-9    Lo Ni Wa           204 Im       G2V
Arthur        3112 E566000-0    Lo Ba              203 Im       G7IV
Ghost         3115 C685688-5    Ni                 713 Im       F5V
Dundee        3118 B533133-A  N Lo Ni Po           700 Im       G3V
Havant        3120 B242524-B    Lo Ni Po           702 Im       F2V
Wells         3211 A786500-8    Ag Lo Ni           523 Im       G8V
Petzina       3212 B674767-A    Ag                 824 Im       F7V
Khakhan       3220 A988AA8-E  N Hi                 903 Im       G0V

The Nightrim subsector contains 28 worlds with a population of 132.785 billion. The highest population is 90 billion at Khakhan, and the highest tech level is 15 at Aries.

The Keiar subsector is named for the brightest star in the subsector in the Aerin system. The subsector is dominated by the Islaiat Dominate and the Aslan Hierate. The Islaiat Dominate is controlled by a minor race native to Islaiat. They gained jump drive from the Aslan early in the Hierate expansion and quickly founded their own empire, which extends into Hryaroaa subsector and the Ehlao and Tulrakh subsectors of the Ealiyasiyw sector.

Keiar Subsector I

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Esekheali     0124 C400573-9    Lo Ni Va           504 Id       M5V M5D
Ekhiwua'ea    0125 D898874-6                       504 Id       G8V
Khtaao        0127 E5A32G7-8    Fl Lo Ni           314 As       M8V
Khteaouw      0129 E5314L7-B    Lo Ni Po           301 As       F4V
Islaiat       0221 A868AA9-D  J Hi                 914 Id       F6V M5V
Oloih         0227 B0007L7-E  T As Na Va           304 As       M9V M5D
Oihoiei       0230 A8557H8-E  T                    210 As       F5V M7D
Oirui'ea      0324 B4648BB-A                       303 Id       M5V M5D
Kteieaelal    0328 C9896LB-C    Ni                 714 As       G0V M0D
Eihewawei     0423 C110466-9    Lo Ni              413 Id       M2II
Yaoueai       0424 E260468-7    De Lo Ni           915 Id       M4V
Phontramus    0426 C87A341-9    Lo Ni Wa           203 Na       M7V
Atiyr         0429 E4137H4-B    Ic Na              210 As       G6V M6D M1D
Janet         0521 B9995AB-A  J Lo Ni              923 Na       M2III
Aerin         0523 C896863-8                       320 Na       M6V M4V
Therad        0525 B666854-8    Ri                 601 Na       M5V M6D
Hrikei        0530 A7887K9-D  T Ag                 415 As       G6III
Gwalcmai      0623 E543443-5    Lo Ni Po           800 Na       G7V M1D
Asden         0624 D443500-7    Lo Ni Po           322 Na       M0V
Thekar        0626 C353000-0    Ba Lo              202 Na       G3V M0D
Abramo        0630 B200722-B  J Na Va              323 Na       G5V
New Covenant  0722 A5579DE-9  N Hi                 410 Cs       M8V
Icarus        0729 C759855-5                       223 Na       M5V K1D
Tulena        0827 D746300-7    Lo Ni              523 Na       G0IV

The Keiar subsector contains 24 worlds with a population of 96.048 billion. The highest population is 90 billion at Islaiat, and the tech level is 14 at Oloih and Oihoiei.

Originally explored by Aslan traders and clan scouts looking for new territory. During its history, the Ea subsector has been the scene of numerous confrontations between Humans and Aslans competing for the same real estate. During the era of the Reaver Warlords, several small human states sprang up here. Currently, two human states, separated by a scattered band of unclaimed independent worlds, dominate this region. The Grand Duchy of Marlheim is a tightly controlled totalitarian state with expansionist tendencies. The Confederacy of Duncinae is a less restrictive interstellar community with close ties to the Principality of Caledon to coreward.

Ea Subsector J

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Dunmarrow     0921 B444653-A  J  Ag Ni             200 Cs       M7 V M8 D
Hrou          0923 D200579-8     Ni Va             310 Na       M5 V M1 D
Lestrow       0926 C798764-8     Ag             A  813 Dm       M3 V
Laroaetea     1024 E556555-6     Ag Ni             512 Na       M2 V M0 D
Fask          1028 C9868AA-8                    A  321 Na       G6 V
Theodora      1030 B857563-A  J  Ag Ni          A  104 Dm       K5 V
Tearlach      1121 E569749-8     Ri                413 Na       M6 V M0 D
Gaajpadje     1124 E667874-4     Ri                904 Na       M
Earlo         1125 D242102-7     Lo Po          A  404 Na       F5 V M5 V
Mirak         1127 C766763-A  J  Ag Ri          A  702 Dm       F0 V M6 D
Dran          1129 C451566-9     Ni             A  123 Dm       M4 V M6 D
Leaa          1222 E100488-9     Va                312 Na       G6 II
Roikhoi       1224 C969543-4     Ni                702 Na       M
Ea            1225 C7586AA-7     Ag Ni             214 Na       M3 V
Htalrea       1226 E767610-0     Ag Ni             100 Na       M
Marlheim      1230 A5759A8-B  J  Hi In Cp       A  303 Dm       G1 IV M8 V
Shamas        1321 E456305-6     Ni                703 Na       K3 V M6 D
Vincit        1327 C8987A9-8  J  Ag                400 Na       M3 V
Andiros       1328 C799566-8     Ni                605 Na       G0 V
Kingston      1428 B764994-C  J  Hi                213 Na       G0 IV M3 D
Fort William  1521 C240467-A     Ni Po De          600 Dc       G5 V
Fulton        1524 C98A788-9     Ri Wa             100 Dc       M6 V M1 D
Ranald        1526 C456544-9     Ag Ni             622 Dc       M2 V
Invermory     1622 B484789-A  J  Ag Ri             525 Dc       A0 V K6 D
Duncinae      1624 A686648-9  J  Ag Ni Ri Cp       500 Dc       F
Just          1625 C7487AA-5  J  Ag                420 DC       K4 V

The Ea subsector contains 26 worlds with a population of 6.542 billion. The highest population is 3 billion at Marlheim and the highest tech level is 12 at Kingston.

The Drexilthar subsector can be divided into three parts. To coreward and trailing, the Imperium dominates, with a few client worlds and possessions beyond Imperial boundaries, such as Outpost and Kaanir. To rimward and trailing, the Carillian Assembly is dominant, extending its influence to worlds like Yarhfahl and rebellious Ildrissar. The last part is a broad sweep of diverse adn mutually independent worlds scattered across the spinward half of the subsector.

Drexilthar Subsector K

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Lajanjigal    1721 DAB6583-3    Ni                 805 Na       F8 V
Coventry      1723 X565733-2    Ag              R  404 Na       F8 V
Traneer       1727 E576679-7    Ni                 323 Na       G5 V
Dakaar        1821 B425612-B  J Ni                 202 Na       K0 V DM
Drexilthar    1826 B46969D-7  S Ni Ri           A  914 Cs       G
Kraan         1828 C501456-8    Ni Va Ic           223 Na       A
Daken         1830 C630233-9    Lo Ni Po De        902 Na       F
Cassandra     1924 B000538-C    Ni As              914 Na       F0 V
Outpost       1926 B110442-E  N Ni                 413 Cs       K7 V M5 V
Tashrakaar    1927 D651695-7    Po                 213 Na       F6 V
Luushakaan    2021 D541513-4    Po Ni              810 Na       M1 V
Dutrissal     2027 CAC4235-8    Ni                 802 Na       K3 V
Drellesarr    2029 B310550-A    Ni              A  502 Na       M
Drenslaar     2030 D453694-7    Ri                 813 Na       K5 V
Grendal       2127 C889855-A  S Ri                 613 Cs       G3 V
Tharril       2128 C885741-9    Ag              A  722 Na       G0 V
Sarrad        2129 D88A300-8    Ni Wa           A  820 Ca       G4 V
Garrison      2221 A35796B-B  N Hi                 412 Im       M1 V
Kaaniir       2223 C688611-6  S Ag Ni              723 Cs       G1 V
Yarhfahl      2228 C658796-6    Ag                 110 Cx       K3 V
Datinar       2230 B431685-A    Ni Po              303 Ca       K7 V
Gaargir       2322 B465304-C  2 Ni                 713 Im       K4 V
Ildrissar     2326 C995836-7                    A  200 Ca       F
Carrill       2330 A0009AE-E  J As In Na Cp        613 Ca       A
Kaanash       2421 B55687A-7  2                    414 Im       G5 V
Diablo        2423 B9C7477-8    Ni                 724 Im       F0 V
Lindritar     2429 C5796A7-8    Ni                 210 Ca       G8 V

The Drexilthar subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 11.354 billion. The population is 6 billion at Carrill, and the highest tech level is 14 at Outpost and Carrill.

The Urlaqqash subsector is dominated by the Imperium in the coreward half. The Carrillian Assembly controls the rimward and spinward portion of the subsector. In the rimward trailing corner of the subsector is a small independent state called the Domain of Oceanus. Virshash, perched just within the Imperium border, is the homeworld to one of the more notable minor races: the Virushi. The influence of Virushi culture and psychology can be felt in many of the neighboring systems.

Urlaqqush Subsector L

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Inura         2523 C121312-A    Lo Ni Po           812 Im       M6 V
Hope          2526 E65778B-4    Ag              A  200 Im       M5 V M4 D
Yaggoth       2530 B864756-B    Ag Ri              222 Ca       M2 V
Lavinia       2621 A446657-E  N Ag Ni Cp           704 Im       M9 IV
Astoria       2622 B545674-A  N Ag Ni              201 Im       M9 IV
Irlaggur      2624 B6918CE-A                    A  300 Im       M7 V M1 D
Boran         2628 C3135AB-0    Ni Ic           A  300 Ca       K6 IV M3 V
Hela          2721 C331300-9    Lo Ni Po           412 Im       F5 V
Virshash      2724 DA86954-6  S Hi                 403 Im       M
Syreon        2730 C44618C-8  M                    320 Ca       M7 V M7 D
Marianne      2821 C6787C9-8  S Ag                 500 Im       M9 V M8 D
Sharrik       2824 B664896-9    Ri                 804 Im       M0 IV M1 V
Freehold      2825 E555457-7    Ni                 515 Na       G3 II M7 V
Lyresse       2828 C693651-9    Ni              A  810 Ca       M2 II
Rothman       2829 B796855-9  J                    403 Ca       G7 V
Synoff        2927 C3428CC-7    Po              A  315 Na       M5 V M0 D
New Eden      2929 X4626BC-3    Ni              R  203 Na       M6 V M5 V
Herod         2930 C5569CC-A    Hi              A  723 Na       M8 V M5 D
Olympus       3021 A000567-D  N Ni As Va           604 Im       G1 III
Urlaggash     3023 B788777-9  S Ag Ri              412 Im       M7 V M0 V
Ixion         3025 C6A1234-9    Lo Ni Fl        A  704 Im       M0 V
Araby         3027 D3709A9-8    Hi In De           704 Cs       M1 V
Devonia       3125 B566563-A    Ag Ni              213 Im       M8 V
Narisagiir    3127 E100943-8    Hi Na              503 Im       M5 V
Mecca         3129 B858768-8    Ag O:3130          813 Oc       M0 V
Oceanus       3130 A9787BD-A    Ni Wa              402 Oc       G5 V
Kaduggur      3223 C331231-7    Lo Ni Po           804 Im       M0 V M8 D
Nexus         3226 A2105AA-D  N Ni              A  712 Im       M1 V

The Urlaqqash subsector contains 28 worlds with a population of 25.334 billion. The highest population is 7 billion at Herod and Araby, and the highest tech level is 14 at Lavinia

The Uhtaa subsector is dominated by the Aslan Hierate and the Union of Harmony. Most of the Aslan operations throughout Reaver's Deep are controlled from the Hierate world of Roaa, which is under the joint control of several clans including the Yehaso clan. The Union of Harmony is a human dominated government that has close ties to the Solomani. There is a low level of tension between the Union and the Hierate that has been ongoing since the Union formed in 856.

Uhtaa Subsector M

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Tee'airlakho  0131 A9986LB-C    Ni                 504 As       M1V
Ahyolyo       0135 B2006L7-C    Na Ni Va           704 As       M7V
Hesiyha       0232 CA9A5K7-9    Lo Ni Wa           623 As       G8V
Rau           0234 A6997K7-D                       510 As       M7V
O'Eatoaea     0235 X9899L9-8    Hi              R  614 As       G7V
Roaa          0237 AA679H7-E  T Hi                 720 As       M5II
Khtaoreh      0240 C1004L6-7  T Lo                 705 As       F3V
Khyaleiftaoher0332 D8876H6-B    Ni                 913 As       M1V
Khaiuiwelra   0335 C7896L8-8    Ni                 604 As       M7V M4D
Takhiykhuw    0433 D1207L2-B  T De Na Po           600 As       M0V
Quentin       0436 E354555-5    Ag Lo Ni           202 Na       G9V
Vyjid         0437 B9A7358-A    Fl Lo Ni           202 Na       M5V
Angelika      0440 D4556BC-6    Ag Ni              900 Aw       G6V
Hrealeiwea'   0531 B5758L9-E                       603 As       M0IV
Lyo           0534 B889ABC-B    Hi                 220 Aw       G3V
Tolde         0535 E9D9576-5    Lo Ni              102 Uh       A1V K4D
Galloway      0538 C684769-7    Ri Ag              102 Uh       M9II
Miranda       0539 D5A0766-7    De                 104 Uh       G7V
Kassia        0633 B566766-7    Ri Ag              405 Uh       M1V K2D K9D
Khea          0733 X977A73-7    Hi In           R  111 Uh       F2V M7D
Rose          0734 D244366-5    Ag Lo Ni           420 Uh       M0V M2D
Gustave       0737 A9878A9-C  J Cp                 502 Uh       G5V
Delilah       0738 C486967-4    Hi                 602 Uh       M4V
Qusen         0834 C525858-6                       203 Na       K6IV
Zack          0835 D350563-6    De Lo Ni Po        902 Uh       G1V
Mingo         0838 A764201-7    Ag Lo Ni           901 Uh       M8V
Alledra       0840 E366576-5    Ag Ni              203 Na       M5V

The Uhtaa subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 50.508 billion. The highest population is 20 billion at Lyo, and the highest tech level is 14 at Roaa and Hrealeiwea'.

The Eakoi subsector was originally explored and settled by the Eakoi Corporation, an Aslan company owned by the Loakhtarl clan. This corporation dominated the subsector until 128 when the Loakhtarl pulled out of the subsector. The trailing portion of the subsector is a part of the Drinsaar Loop, which extends into the Drinsaar and Drexilthar subsectors. Aikhy is an agricultural world run by the Aikhly Development Trust, a company owned jointly by Gralynite and Venician interests. Venice is a high population waterworld with most of its population living in floating and seamount top cities.

Eakoi Subsector N

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Chantrae      0933 E63A48B-7    Ni Wa              404 Na       M0V
Despite Tears 0937 B779666-9  J Ni                 622 Uh       M0V DM
Yonder        0940 C997754-8    Ag                 514 Na       F0V
St. Denis     1031 C243313-8    Lo Ni Po        A  401 Dm       M5V M0VI
Ghule         1034 D433677-5    Na Ni Po           102 Na       M5VI
Freedom       1036 C587966-6    Hi                 603 Uh       K5V DM
First Law     1037 A887767-8  J Ag Ri              614 Uh       K0V
Emmaline      1133 E326340-7    Lo Ni           A  903 Na       M5VI
Danelag       1136 E686889-5    Ri                 423 Na       F
Paradise      1137 E885858-6    Ri                 614 Na       G0VI DM DM
Dirtball      1138 C200453-A    Ni Va              604 Na       M0VI DM
Gobi          1139 D4409B9-8    Hi In Po De        102 Na       M0II M0V
Pendang       1231 B8769A7-A  J Hi In           A  503 Dm       M0V
Eakoi         1235 E8579B9-5    Hi                 704 Na       K0V
Pagosa        1433 D749220-3    Lo Ni              700 Na       K
Ekaftouh      1434 D000686-9    Na Ni As           502 Na       M
Kamloops      1531 D24247A-5    Ni Po              910 Na       G
Venice        1534 C35A995-8    Hi Wa              714 Na       M
Hihlas        1537 C674504-8    Ag Ni              723 Na       F
Soloman       1538 B897A97-B  N Hi In              302 Cs       M
Carlisle      1540 B55948B-A    Ni              A  820 Na       M0V
Collins World 1631 B20098C-B  N Hi Na In Va     A  604 Cs       D
Brandon       1632 C337322-6    Lo Ni              322 Na       M
Aikhiy        1634 C546616-7    Ag Ni              912 Na       K
Oba           1635 C646200-9    Lo Ni           A  713 Na       M
Kremmling     1636 E796313-7    Lo Ni              722 Na       M
Himalaya      1638 C9D9978-9    Hi Fl              304 Na       M0III

The Eakoi subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 66.131 billion. The highest population is 30 billion at Soloman, with the highest tech level being 11 at Soloman and Collins World.

The Drinsaar subsector is made up of several multiworld states and scattered independent worlds. The largest of these governments is the Carrillian Assembly to trailing and coreward. The Gralyn Assembly controls two worlds on the Drinsaar Loop. To rimward lie the Lanyard Colonies, the Carter Technocracy, and the Purity Union. The spinward and coreward worlds of the subsector make up a portion to the Drinsaar Loop, a 23 world main that extends into the Eakoi and Drexilthar subsectors. The main is named for Drinsaar, near the trailing end of the main, which was an important gateway for human exploration of the area.

Drinsaar Subsector O

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Khtearie      1733 C595778-5    Ag                 614 Na       K
Botany Bay    1734 E643569-4    Ni Po           A  310 Ga       F5V
Gralyn        1735 B758899-A  J Cp                 111 Ga       M
Carter        1740 A7589A8-B  J Hi Cp              402 Ct       M0III M5V
Banff         1831 C516310-A    Lo Ni Ic           601 Na       M
Marion        1832 C7B4352-A    Lo Ni Fl           703 Na       M
Griffin       1839 B8878AC-9  J                    313 Ct       M0V DK
Jefferson     1840 B000666-9  J Na Ni As           603 Ct       DMDF
Rintarna      1933 B887A99-D    Hi                 313 Na       M
Horste        1937 D767551-7    Ag Ni              804 Ly       F5V DM
Lanyard       1938 B89A569-B    Ni Wa              314 Ly       M5V M0V
Drinsaar      2032 C799435-A    Ni                 803 Na       M0V
Lanixohn      2033 A789973-D  J Hi              A  700 Ca       M0V
Kaihadd       2034 C885665-7    Ag Ni Ri           702 Ca       K
Lysiches      2037 B446562-8  J Ag Ni              803 Ly       K0V
Morgan        2038 B659698-8    Ni Cp              811 Ly       M5V DK G5VI
Taraan        2133 B877687-A  J Ag Ni              105 Ca       F5V
Dran          2136 E323523-5    Ni Po              610 Na       M5V
Sian          2234 D87A466-8    Ni Wa              505 Ca       M5V DM
Purgatory     2239 C213367-7    Lo Ni Ic           201 Pu       M5V
Bakuur        2337 D567585-5  S Ag Ni              904 Cs       F5V DM
Iskara        2431 B554759-9  J Ag                 421 Ca       G5V M0V
Santol        2433 C999563-7  J Ni                 204 Ca       M0V
Nimbus        2438 E6A1453-8    Ni Fl              212 Na       M5V DM
Purity        2440 B8889DC-A  J Hi Cp           A  813 Pu       M0V

The Drinsaar subsector contains 25 worlds with a population of 49.526 billion. The highest population is 30 billion at Rintarna, and the highest tech level is 13 at Rintarna and Lanixohn.

The Fahinar subsector is the only place where the Solomani Confederation enters the Reavers' Deep. It also contains about a quarter of the Carrillian Assembly and a token Imperial presence. When the Peace of Ftahair was signed and the buffer zone established, the Solomani Confederation was not in existence. When the Solomani Autonomous District was established in 704, the Solomani violated the buffer zone, and established colonies right up to the border of the Hierate. This created tension between the Hierate and the Imperium that worsened after the Solomani Confederation was declared in 871. Tensions between the Imperium and the Hierate eased after the Solomani Rim War in 990, but this only transferred those tensions to the Confederation.

Fahlnar Subsector P

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
-----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Istieru       2532 A887786-B    Ri Ag              804 Ca       M6V
Davighar      2536 D999330-4    Lo Ni              121 Na       M8III
Calcutta      2540 A699896-C  G                    103 So       K0V
Faranim       2632 A868742-A    Ri Ri              103 Ca       M3III
Astorga       2633 C6B5521-8    Fl Lo Ni           212 Ca       M6V
Hiatt         2639 A855733-A    Ag                 414 So       K0II
Lanisteg      2732 A568569-D    Ag Lo Ni           600 Ca       M1V M9D
Dughur        2734 B531100-7  N Lo Ni Po           100 Cs       G9V
Morenba       2736 D445678-6    Ni                 404 Na       G0V
Winewood      2838 B338200-C    Lo Ni              822 So       M7IV M3V
Ayers         2839 C8A4574-7    Fl Lo Ni           515 So       M9V
Gramarye      2932 B795663-7  J Ni                 203 Ca       M5II
Mirlea        2934 C351548-A    Lo Ni Po           105 Na       M0V M8D
De Garthe     2937 C25488A-8                       513 Na       G9V
Moibeal       2939 A333695-D  G Na Ni Po           801 So       M1V
Doria         3031 B554972-C    Hi                 212 Na       G8V
De Bilburgh   3033 C752521-5    Lo Ni Po           202 Na       F5V
Sabana        3034 D432388-7    Lo Ni Po           102 Na       M1III
Cerer         3036 B200688-C  G Na Ni Va           903 So       M4V M2D
Jasyn         3037 B314556-A    Ic Lo Ni           903 So       M7V
Eilis         3131 C634688-8    Ni                 705 Im       F3V
Teyl          3134 C100634-8    Na Ni Va           400 Na       M2V M7D
Rosemont      3136 C787796-8    Ri                 103 So       G5V M8D
Mauve         3232 A667833-A  N                    920 Im       M2IV M5
Avalon        3238 A574988-C  G Hi In              324 So       F4V M2D 

The Fahlnar subsector contains 25 worlds with a population of 6.676 billion. The highest population is 3 billion at Avalon, and the highest tech level is 13 at Lanisteg and Moibeal.