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   Akus Moby

The oldest of my online games, Akus Moby is a science fiction game using modified Traveller® rules and set in my custom universe. The crew of the Mae Lee inherited the ship from Akus Moby, now they are exploring The Quental Main.

  Akus Moby Reset The Akus Game is dead, long live the Akus Game! While the original game is on long term hiatus, I have started another game using the Akus Moby name as the name of the Player Character's ship. The PC's are ferrying the ship from Glisten to Wonstar for the Wonstar Trading Company. They are also transporting the heir to the Baron of Wonstar, Lord Percy, from Glisten to Wonstar. Much fun may ensue as the characters travel through this frontier area rift with all sorts of dangers.
   Lady Knights Out

The Lady Knights in this Classic Traveller® game are five sisters adventuring in the Gateway Domain.

   Reavers' Deep

It is "Hard Times" in Reavers Deep Sector in this Classic Traveller® game. The crew of the Nomad Ranger, a far trader, are doing their best to keep the darkness from truly falling.

   The Silverband

This is a D&D® game set in the Forgotten Realms, and using simplified third edition rules. The band of young adventurers are seeking adventure, knowledge, fortune and love as they do the work of the Three Queens.

   On the Border

The Border Kingdom is at the cutting edge between the world of Man and the world dominated by monsters. Only the strong and brave should seek adventure, knowledge and power here. This PBEM uses a simplified version of the Castles & Crusades® gaming system.

Games I'm


   Beyond the Extents (BTE)


This is an excellent Traveller® game run by Carlos Alos-Ferrer. He has created a sector well away from the Classic Traveller® universe in both space and time, and plopped down into it a band of refugees from the Rebellion Era. My character, Peter Gunn,  was a policeman in his former life, now he is the bodyguard/security for a group of refugees who have been hired by the FutureTech corporation to "advice and assist" their operations on planets all over the area.


This is a  Traveller® game run by JR Roberts where the characters awake from cold sleep without their memories aboard a gigantic dying ship. They have to discover who they are, how they came to be here, and where they are to go from here. I am playing Jimi Woo, a cheerful little man with a background in the Imperial Navy and aboard Free Traders.

A Chat Game

I don't have a name for this Traveller® game yet, and we haven't played the first session, but I do have a character, Astari "Tari" Greene. Tari is a retired Imperial Scout who has been called back to join a team exploring on the edge of the Imperium near the Julian Protectorate. When I know more, I'll let you know.


Webcomics on which I am working


Midnight Rambler

Mac Night and Jackie Day adventure during the period just after the 5th Frontier War





Many of us have trouble finding players for our favorite game near where we live or when we are on a trip. Here you will find a list of "fellow Travellers" and their locations. If you would like to add your name or other information, to the roster, or would like to receive an email address for one of the folks listed, send me a message at this address.

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